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Marketing Solutions
The Wow-Solutions-4u, LLC Marketing Solutions are services/products offered to
help your business with their marketing needs. Please contact us to discuss your
marketing needs for your business.

What is the #1 thing that most business owners especially small business
owners don't have enough of ??......Time

These services listed below are to help you save time.
Some people may not be using these services today because they don't have time,  
time to learn it, time to figure it out.
Time passes quickly and I know that choosing  one or all of these services will be the
best gift that you can give yourself and your business.
Yes, I am passionate about them because I know the difference that it has made in
my business. I would never go back to my old way.
Take a little time today to save a lot of time tomorrow.

a must when you are sending one email to a group of people, save time,
know who opens your email and what links are clicked on, able to group and also
schedule. Once you try it your business will never be without it.
*Event Promotions- invitations registrations and payment can all be handled for
efficiently, save time
Business Directory- great way to network and promote your business-Ask how to
get a free listing
*Face book Promotions-grow and reach your contacts through social media
*Surveys- find out what your customers want and don't want also great for rating   
products and services
*Coupons- offer coupons through email and also available on Face book etc
*Donations- receive donations - email, website and Face book
Business Cards- inexpensive and very beneficial, contact information to be given to
everyone you meet.
Other products also available

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